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  1. Doris Nwanne says:

    This is so cool. Thank you. I will ask my daughter why she is clocking in at 2.58pm especially when school resumes at 12noon as I was informed.


    This is very good and basic innovation to let the eyes of parents be on their children. This is making command secondary school Ikeja standout. Job to the management.

  3. Mrs. Susan B Kale says:

    This is interesting, so I can now monitor my daughter โ€˜ s movement. God will continue to enrich your knowledge.

  4. MRA. Adisa Oluwaseun says:

    Nice one. Good improvement. God will continue to bless and protection all d management In Jesus name. Great CDSS IKEJI

  5. Salau oluwabunmi says:

    This is fantastic I really love this,cdss u are great,my HV been receiving the messages since last week not knowing this is wat is going on until my daughter told me.CDSS KEEP IT UP

  6. Kofo Olaogun says:

    This is a really wonderful, I’m so excited about it.
    Please I would like to find out where we can correct the names not spelt correctly. My son is SIJUOLA, but the write DUOLA.
    Please I would like it to be corrected. God bless CDSS. God bless the school management..

  7. Michael Abutu says:

    This is indeed a great development in CDSS IKEJA from me hear I say its a very welcome idea we parents really hope to see more improvements in the system weldone ๐Ÿ‘.

  8. Mrs Oladunni-Mohammad Bilqees Mopelola says:

    This is very great. The management have done a great work and with this method the students will be more serious. #God Bless Nigeria #
    #God Bless CDSSI#
    #God Bless We Parents#
    #God Bless Our Children#.

  9. Bashir Yahya Dankaka says:

    Awesome, with this i have another confidence that our kids are more secure.
    Thanks to Saudi Nigeria for the remarkable upgrades.

  10. Lawal Wahab says:

    Alhamdulillaahi and congratulations to our Commandant, PTA members, school administrators for the immeasurable legacy.

  11. Mr. Oluwasegun says:

    This is so amazing and commendable. First World and top class tech, my kids are officially schooling abroad in Nigeria

  12. Olubukola Olayiwola says:

    Awesome! This innovation is quite impressive and it keeps one’s mind at rest as parent.

    Question: Does my daughter who’s 5 years old understand this? Does she know when she clocks in/out?

    Thank you.

  13. Dossa John Emmanuel says:

    It helps we the parents to know our children movement. May GOD continue to show his blessing upon his chosen ones…AMEN!

  14. Mr Emmanuel Kolapo says:

    Thanks so much for this great step, it will definitely help us a lot to know how kids movement, God bless the school managements!

  15. Johnson Ajeka says:

    This is a good but needs little correction. The 12:00:00 should be removed from the message. This is a welcome idea, God bless the management of the school.

  16. Harirat says:

    I was confused when I saw the msg till opened it this evening! Am so impressed and glad seeing this, promise to keep you updated.. Thanks to you ma!

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