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  1. Doris Nwanne says:

    This is so cool. Thank you. I will ask my daughter why she is clocking in at 2.58pm especially when school resumes at 12noon as I was informed.


    This innovation has really make this great school standout of other federal schools. It is lovely

  3. Martha chinwuba-Daniels says:

    Wow beautiful this breath taking very commendable school Management please keep in up


    This is very good and basic innovation to let the eyes of parents be on their children. This is making command secondary school Ikeja standout. Job to the management.

  5. Pastor Gideon Okoi says:

    This is fantastic. It’s a welcome development. Kudos to the school authority. God bless you

  6. ANJORIN G.F(Mrs Tijani) says:

    Nice one, good technology,
    Plenty Gbosaaa for d management.
    Up Command Day Secondary School. Ikeja.

  7. Mrs. Susan B Kale says:

    This is interesting, so I can now monitor my daughter ‘ s movement. God will continue to enrich your knowledge.

    • Auwal Isa says:

      This is a welcome development. It is really commendable. We will try to feed you all important information. Thanks

  8. MRA. Adisa Oluwaseun says:

    Nice one. Good improvement. God will continue to bless and protection all d management In Jesus name. Great CDSS IKEJI

  9. Salau oluwabunmi says:

    This is fantastic I really love this,cdss u are great,my HV been receiving the messages since last week not knowing this is wat is going on until my daughter told me.CDSS KEEP IT UP

  10. Kofo Olaogun says:

    This is a really wonderful, I’m so excited about it.
    Please I would like to find out where we can correct the names not spelt correctly. My son is SIJUOLA, but the write DUOLA.
    Please I would like it to be corrected. God bless CDSS. God bless the school management..

  11. Michael Abutu says:

    This is indeed a great development in CDSS IKEJA from me hear I say its a very welcome idea we parents really hope to see more improvements in the system weldone 👍.

  12. Mrs Oladunni-Mohammad Bilqees Mopelola says:

    This is very great. The management have done a great work and with this method the students will be more serious. #God Bless Nigeria #
    #God Bless CDSSI#
    #God Bless We Parents#
    #God Bless Our Children#.

    • Mrs Ogunyemi says:

      Good afternoon, I’ve not been getting alert since yesterday about my son’s clocking time. Pls rectify, thanks

  13. Bashir Yahya Dankaka says:

    Awesome, with this i have another confidence that our kids are more secure.
    Thanks to Saudi Nigeria for the remarkable upgrades.

  14. Marcus marynosa says:

    Thanks so much cdss ikeja. God bless us all. My daughter correct name is MARYNOSA and not MARYNESA

  15. Lawal Wahab says:

    Alhamdulillaahi for this new development and pray for a better/quality service.
    This is a core security service.

  16. Lawal Wahab says:

    Alhamdulillaahi and congratulations to our Commandant, PTA members, school administrators for the immeasurable legacy.

  17. Adaora Akpata says:

    Wow… Nice initiative 👏. Wondering why she clocked in at 9.20am when I dropped her off early

  18. Dr. Emenalo Angela says:

    It’s a nice innovation. We appreciate it. How do we get the app to ser our wards in their claasrooms

  19. Mr. Oluwasegun says:

    This is so amazing and commendable. First World and top class tech, my kids are officially schooling abroad in Nigeria

  20. Olubukola Olayiwola says:

    Awesome! This innovation is quite impressive and it keeps one’s mind at rest as parent.

    Question: Does my daughter who’s 5 years old understand this? Does she know when she clocks in/out?

    Thank you.

  21. Dossa John Emmanuel says:

    It helps we the parents to know our children movement. May GOD continue to show his blessing upon his chosen ones…AMEN!

  22. Mr Emmanuel Kolapo says:

    Thanks so much for this great step, it will definitely help us a lot to know how kids movement, God bless the school managements!

  23. Omolara Onifade says:

    Good mng Peevee Schools.
    Thanks for this notification but I don’t get notification about his clocking out.

  24. Johnson Ajeka says:

    This is a good but needs little correction. The 12:00:00 should be removed from the message. This is a welcome idea, God bless the management of the school.

  25. Harirat says:

    I was confused when I saw the msg till opened it this evening! Am so impressed and glad seeing this, promise to keep you updated.. Thanks to you ma!

  26. Sharafa Lawal says:

    This is a really lovely idea from Britarch school Abuja. Thank you for the innovation and continuous improvement. It really allows us to keep a timelines on the movement of our kids. Kudos.

  27. Mr omoniyi olajide says:

    I noticed I have been getting this alart since last week but not understand well,pls can you put me true thank you

  28. Pastor PETER AGBOOLA T. says:

    Good morning all, my name is Pastor PETER AGBOOLA I really want to commend you for bringing this type of thing up, it’s very wonderful and informative.
    But please I have 4 kids in the school and I only receives for only 2 of them.
    Thank you and God bless you all

  29. Mariam Bako says:

    It a beautiful development. Thanks you so much for this initiative.
    It give me more confidence in the administration of the school

  30. Aderibole Samuel says:

    This is wonderful and unique God will continue to bless the management of the school in Jesus name

  31. Dr Fakuta N. M. says:

    Am very pleased with your services. Keep it up and keep improving. After my daughter’s first term in your school I could not help but said’ thank God am seeing value for the the School fees we are paying’ bravo.

  32. Pedeino Nuhu says:

    Jemima Nuhu arrived home safely. Thank you. This is great innovation. Keep up the good work.


    An amazing and excellent idea you people introduced. Really glad and we appreciate the effort of the school management. Kudos nd thanks to you all

  34. Bashir usman Modibbo says:

    Is a welcome idear may God continue to guide and protect our kids and there teachers

    • Dr. Medinah Ibrahim says:

      Nice innovation, what if you have three kids in different classes? Would they all be registered? Thanks

  35. Engr. Ada Mbanaso says:

    This is a good development for security reasons. At least we can track our kid with this device, kudos to all team members. We look forward to it’s effective use.

  36. Olusegun Adekunle says:

    This is quite a commendable innovation by the school authority considering the state of Insecurity in the country. Kudos!

  37. Stephen Nsuabia says:

    I love the tracking of the students’ where about at a time like this. Is there any method to apply in the case of net work failure? Anywhere, well done.

  38. Joseph Vandi Zirahei says:

    That’s beautiful. Keep Please keep it up. His name name is erroneously written. Correct spelling is: YASHERA. Thanks.

  39. Oye Daniel Orifunmishe says:

    Congratulations on this milestone achievement. I am glad to be part of this. Keep it up.

  40. Yohanna Luka says:

    This is a good thing that you are downing to monitor the movement of the Children.
    Thank you. please continue.

  41. Mr Babalola says:

    Its my pleature here to know what my daughter doing and to monitor her well. This is a good thing that you are downing to monitor the movement of the Children.
    Thank you. please continue.

  42. Hayatudeen Y. Ibrahim says:

    Good security initiative by the school management. We receive the clocking in and out alerts of our kids with surnames and codes via sms and whatsapp, but we cannot differentiate amongst the kids, for those of us with more than a pupil/student in the school.

    For improvement purposes, it will go a long way if children are differentiated by adding their names to the surnames.
    The lower nursery is yet to be included in this scheme too.

  43. Funmi Adeniyi-Salaudeen says:

    I did receive the clock out alert for Daniel Adeniyi. This is a good initiative by the school management. Please keep it up.

  44. Mrs Chidinma Oforka says:

    I am honestly impressed by this new development of the school management, it proves to us parents that the safety of our wards is guaranteed. God bless u all.

  45. Obodoechi Jane uche igbe says:

    Good one 👍please it will be appreciated if the names are specified for us that have more than 1 .
    Kudo’s you

  46. Okorougo Cyriacus. says:

    Very good idea base on security challenges in the country now. But sustenance of this operation is very important pls note it.

  47. Loveth Ekpenyong says:

    This is awesome. Very impressive. With this new development, we are most assured of the safety of our kids . May God bless the management of the school, God bless CH&PS,God bless all the parents and God bless Nigeria. *****

  48. Loveth Ekpenyong says:

    Awesome! Very impressive! Fantastic!. This new innovation gladens my heart and is just reassuring all parents in CH&PS. that the security of our kids are guaranteed. God bless the management for putting this up, God bless all the parents out there, God bless all our children,God bless CH&PS.,and God bless our nation Nigeria. Amen.

  49. Agupusi Charles says:

    This is good development especially this time around security concerns should be everyone business.

  50. Mrs Osipitan says:

    Good morning ma, I really appreciate this new development knowing that my child is safe in your care ma

  51. Chukwuemeka Peter Nwaiwu lhedioha says:

    I really love this method your using in keeping we the parents the time our children arrived at school and time when they are leaving.
    It’s a reason in a right direction, l must commend your efforts , please keep it up, have a pleasant day.

  52. Olatunji Alice says:

    If this will actually give update of our wards. Then it’s impressive and an added advantage to the school

  53. OLEKA says:

    Good initiative, with this I can monitor my kid’s movement to and fro school.Thanks to the school management.

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